We Are The Church…Let’s Act Like It

A Study on the Book of Acts

An excellent resource for energizing your local church…”

-Mike Slaughter, Author and Pastor Emeritus, Ginghamsburg Church, Dayton, Ohio

Earth shaking. Status quo challenging. World transforming. That’s what the church was intended to be.

Many people think the church today has become a social club with little impact on the world. That is not God’s plan. In We Are the Church… Let’s Act Like It., Pastor Linda Tower Pevey offers the church practical and biblical ways to live out its mandate to be a church that positively impacts its community and the world.

We Are the Church… takes readers through a seven-week Bible study of the book of Acts, looking at what it means to be the world-changing church that Jesus Christ intended. The engaging study guides readers through weekly topics that empower them to take action:

Week 1            Act with Power-the coming of the Holy Spirit empowers the church to carry out its life-changing mission, then and now.

Week 2            Act with Generosity-the early church practiced amazing generosity, which attracted the attention of those outside the church.

Week 3            Act with Acceptance-racial and social prejudice is nothing new. From the start, the church was breaking done the walls of division in Jesus’ name.

Week 4            Act with Creativity-the church has long been wrestling with that age-old mindset, “We’ve never done it like that before.” Learn how a little creativity can overcome obstacles to the growth of the church.

Week 5            Act with Perseverance-the great apostle Paul is a fabulous example for believers today in how to persevere even when things are not going according to plan.

Week 6            Act with Courage-Problems in the church are nothing new. The early church found ways to face their many difficulties with great courage. We can, too.

Week 7            Act as a Witness-three times Paul shares the story of his conversion from a persecutor of the church to one of its leading proponents. Even with his life and liberty on the line, he told it boldly and fearlessly. Following Paul’s example and model, we, too, can become bold, world-changing witnesses for Jesus.

To energize your entire church, use We Are The Church…as a church-wide small group study. Sermon Starters by the author are available here. The study is also ideal for small groups, Bible study groups, or individual study.


  • Daily plan for reading through the book of Acts
  • Small group discussion guide
  • Weekly small group interactive activities designed to engage multiple learning styles
  • Space for personal reflection
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Ideas for missional serving projects

Expect to see your church energized and renewed by We Are The Church…Let’s Act Like It!

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